Emotion Design – Use “Experience Map” To Discovery Design Opportunity

Emotion Design - Use "Experience Map" to Discovery Design Opportunity

Experience Maps or called User Journey Maps is an important design tool to understand our product interactions from users’ point of view. One experience map is basically a visual representation that illustrate users’ flow their needs, wants, expectations  and the overall experience for a particular goal. It may be questioned on the value for design. Here we look at it again to find out the analytically side of experience maps and get to know how it helps design solutions. Advantages 1.…

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Pictures Are Faster Than Words

Pictures are faster than words

Visual acknowlege occurs in a special dedicated part of the brain. We can acknowledge information by the first impression faster than words. From an extensive research in the field of neuroscience around visual perception and cognition, the solution is simple and effective: If image recognition is faster than reading, why not simply use pictures to identify contacts much faster?  When working on the MKNote project, we added a thumbnial image to each note in note list. Thumbnail image next to note…

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